Butterfly project
The Butterfly Project

I’ve noticed lots of kids my age have been starting to self-harm. If this applies to you, then we advise you read the information below. If you don’t self-harm, you can read this too and support this!

1. Draw a butterfly where you want to cut yourself, your butterfly can be any size, any shape, any colour. It does not have to be perfect!

2. Make it pretty and decorate it but only if you want to!!!

3. Whenever you want to cut yourself or hurt yourself in any other way, remember the butterfly. It lives on you and if you try to self-harm, you will kill the butterfly.

4. Let it fade away on it’s own and then, when it is completely off and has flown away, draw another.

5. If someone asks why you have a butterfly drawing on you, just say that you like drawing them (or something else).

6. If you don’t self-harm, you can support those who do by also drawing a butterfly on yourself.